California Physical Fitness Test (PFT)

Online modules are available to guide PFT Coordinators through the data submission and correction processes. In addition, free administration videos and training are available to assist PFT Coordinators in preparing staff for the PFT.
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Modules, Videos, and Training

2015-16 Timeline and What's New Webinar [63:00 minutes]
PowerPoint Presentation (PDF)
Notetaking Handout (PDF)
Webinar designed to familiarize PFT Coordinators with the timeline and what’s new for the 2015–16 cycle.

PFT Overview (Updated November 20, 2015)
Module designed to familiarize PFT Coordinators with essential PFT requirements. [9:32 minutes]

Data Submission (Updated April 22, 2016)
Module designed to prepare PFT Coordinators for the data submission process. [15:00 minutes]

Data Correction (Updated April 8, 2014)
Module designed to prepare PFT Coordinators for the data correction process. [22:37 minutes]

Data Scoring and Reporting (Updated June 20, 2016)
Module designed to prepare PFT Coordinators for the data Scoring and Reporting process. [7:53 minutes]

Administration Videos
PFT videos that comply with California Code of Regulations are provided for all thirteen of the FITNESSGRAM® tests, as described in the current FITNESSGRAM® Test Administration Manual.

Prior to watching these videos, PFT Coordinators and physical education teachers should read the Reference Guide and test protocols described in the FITNESSGRAM® Test Administration Manual, as the manual provides additional information not reflected in these videos.

PACER Video [6:00 minutes]
One-Mile Run Video [4:08 minutes]
Walk Test Video [3:47 minutes]
Skinfold Measurements Video [3:52 minutes]
Body Mass Index Video [3:01 minutes]
Bioelectric Impedance Analyzer Video [3:42 minutes]
Curl-Up Video [4:54 minutes]
Trunk Lift Video [3:37 minutes]
Push-Up Video [3:29 minutes]
Modified Pull-Up Video [3:14 minutes]
Flexed-Arm Hang Video [3:20 minutes]
Back-Saver Sit and Reach Video [4:40 minutes]
Shoulder Stretch Video [3:27 minutes]

PFT Resources
Provides information for PFT Coordinators and administrators.