California Physical Fitness Test (PFT)

A variety of online and downloadable resources are available to assist PFT Coordinators prepare for, coordinate, and carry out the administration and data collection for the PFT. As these resources are regularly updated, it is recommended PFT Coordinators periodically check back to ensure they are using the most updated versions of these resources.
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PFT Coordinator Manual
PFT Coordinator Manual (PDF) Updated 12/2015
This manual provides PFT Coordinators with the information and resources needed to prepare, coordinate, and carry out all the activities associated with the 2015-16 PFT. The following components from this manual are also provided as stand-alone pieces:
Sample Student Data Collection Form (PDF) Updated 12/2015
Sample Student Data Collection Form (DOC) Updated 12/2015
PFT Quick Reference Guides
Completing the Coordinator Designation Form Quick Reference Guide
This guide provides step by step instructions for completing the online coordinator designation form.
PFT Resources
Physical Fitness Test Resources
Provides a list of resources for LEAs, and LEA staff including contacts for CDE, FITNESSGRAM® and calculates BMI and VO2 max.
PFT Equipment
FITNESSGRAM® Fitness Areas, Test Options, and Equipment
Charts that show the test options available for each fitness area and the equipment required for each test.

FITNESSGRAM® Healthy Fitness Zone Performance Standard.
This document contains the Healthy Fitness Zones for all students. The Healthy Fitness Zones are the performance goals for all test areas.
PFT Pacer Table
FITNESSGRAM® PACER Look-Up and Gals Setting Table
This table provides the minimum number of 20-meter (20m) laps that females and males need to achieve the Healthy Fitness Zone (HFZ) for the PACER. Results or the PACER test are still reported as VO2max.
Data Submission
2017-18 PFT Student Data File Layout (PDF)
This layout is designed for text files and is provided to assist with collecting the data and properly formatting the student-level file.
2017-18 Excel Template and Instructions
The PFT Student Data Template (XLS) and PFT Student Data Template Instructions (DOC) are provided to assist with reporting acceptable scores and properly formatting the student-level file.
PFT Score Report Letter Template
PFT Score Report Letter Template (DOCX)
This letter is a template you may use to send to parents or guardians along with the Student Score Report. It gives an explanation of how to interpret the results and how they are used.
Reference Guide
2015-16 PFT Reference Guide (PDF)
This guide is designed to assist staff in becoming familiar with the California PFT. It includes detailed descriptions of the fitness areas, the data collection requirements, most of the equations used in scoring, the performance standards, and suggestions for facilitating the administration of the different test options.
2017-18 PFT Calendar
The PFT Calendar lays out the major due dates and is designed to assist PFT Coordinators with planning, organizing, and coordinating activities for this testing cycle.

Prior years' PFT results in summary format for the state, counties, districts, and schools, are available at the DataQuest Web site. Research files are also available that contain PFT summary results. The research files, including file layout, entities, and subgroup files, are comma-delimited text files provided in a zip format.
PFT Modules, Videos and Training
Provides access to PFT modules, videos and online training.
Help Center
Visit our Help Center to get answers to frequently asked questions about the PFT.