California Physical Fitness Test (PFT)

Attention: Current PFT participation is to be submitted only to the SARC annually by Feb. 1, 2025. Your LEA SARC Coordinator will receive further instructions in the fall. Contact your LEA to find out who that coordinator is.

A variety of online and downloadable resources are available to assist PFT Coordinators prepare for, coordinate, and carry out the administration and data collection for the PFT. As these resources are regularly updated, it is recommended PFT Coordinators periodically check back to ensure they are using the most updated versions of these resources.
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PFT Webinar

PFT Timeline and What's New Webinar (Video; 42:39)
PFT Webinar Notes (DOCX; January 2023)

Resources for PFT Coordinators

Quick Reference Guide – How To Complete the Coordinator Designation Form
This guide provides step by step instructions for completing the online coordinator designation form.

Updated: PFT Coordinator Manual (DOCX; Updated Feb 2024)
This manual provides PFT Coordinators with the information and resources needed to prepare, coordinate, and carry out all the activities associated with the PFT.

Updated: PFT Coordinators Checklist (DOCX; Updated January 2023)
Provides a breakdown of tasks for the PFT Coordinator and an approximate time frame for these tasks to be completed.

Updated: PFT Fact Sheet (PDF; Updated July 2023)
This one–page documents answer questions about the what, why, who, how, and when for the PFT.

Updated: PFT Resources (DOCX; Updated Dec 2023)
This guide lists all available resources for the PFT.

Updated: PFT Data Collection Form (PDF; Updated September 2022)
This form can be used by LEAs to collect student participation and raw scores from the PFT administration.

How to Calculate Physical Fitness Test Participation Rate (PDF; Updated Jan 2024)
The How to Calculate PFT Participation flyer provides information on what information is needed when reporting PFT on the SARC, how to calculate that information, and additional resources relating to the PFT administration.

Resources for Test Administrators

Updated: PFT Reference Guide (DOCX; Updated March 2024)
This guide is designed to assist staff in becoming familiar with the California PFT. It includes detailed descriptions of the fitness areas, the data collection requirements, most of the equations used in scoring, the performance standards, and suggestions for facilitating the administration of the different test options.

Updated: FITNESSGRAM® Fitness Areas, Test Options, and Equipment
Charts that show the test options available for each fitness area and the equipment required for each test.

Updated: Know Before you Administer PFT (PDF; Updated January 2024)

Resources to Use with Parents

Updated: A Parent Guide to Understanding the PFT (PDF; Updated July 2022)
This guides provides parents with answers to key questions about the what, why, who, how, and when.

Updated: PFT Notification of Test Administration Letter Template (DOCX; Updated January 2023)
This letter is a template you may use to send to parents or guardians notifying them of the start of PFT testing and your local testing window.

Updated: A Site Administrators Guide to Talking with Educators about the PFT
This PowerPoint is a template you may use to when talking to educators about the PFT.


2023-24 PFT Calendar
The PFT Calendar lays out the major due dates and is designed to assist PFT Coordinators with planning, organizing, and coordinating activities for this testing cycle.

Prior years' PFT results in summary format for the state, counties, districts, and schools, are available at the DataQuest Web site. Research files are also available that contain PFT summary results. The research files, including file layout, entities, and subgroup files, are comma-delimited text files provided in a zip format.